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Transformational Services

Health Coaching

Health means different things to different people. Through my journey I have learned and earned many tools that I can share with you. From food to fitness to products, I want to help you to revitalize your life! Which ever changes you would like to make, I know that it can be hard to do it alone. I provide a level of personalization to you with a community of like minded accountability partners.

Private Sessions

These private sessions are for those who need one on one coaching to help navigate the ebbs and flows of life. We can get so caught up and taken a back in the chaos of life that we need to be spoken into with Gods word and encouraging direction to be the thriving being you were made to be.

I provide free consultations to ensure that we are a great fit for each other.

My recommendation for the most impact and growth for you is coaching between 2-6 months.

I have bundles that include 4, 8, and 16 sessions available.

You can use these sessions anytime within 12 months from purchase. 

The best results are seen in weekly and bi-weekly appointments. 

Getting Prepared

When you sign up for life coaching courses or private sessions, I want you to be able to be to get the most out of our time together. Being prepared is essential. Depending on the class or session, I may provide a list of items to have ready. When we come together you should be as specific as you can. What area do you want to focus on? What goals do you have for yourself? Where are you struggling? Remember that each class and session is moving us closer to your goals and you may find that your focus may change. I can't wait to help you get set up for success and celebrate the victories along the way. Remember I am rooting for you in your journey, but the journey is yours.

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